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Stay up-to-date on issues facing housing, economic development and the FHLBanks with Peter Knight’s monthly policy updates.

October 2018

When teaching a teenager to drive, one of the first items covered by the terrified parent is the importance of using one foot for both the gas pedal and the brake. One foot on the gas and the other on the brake makes for an unhappy keeper of the car keys. This same rule might apply to the nation's fiscal and monetary policy as well, making for a well-adjusted economy. Or, maybe not.

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September 2018

Congress may feel a little like comedian Rodney Dangerfield who was famous for bemoaning the fact that he "got no respect." Dangerfield once observed, "My psychiatrist told me I was crazy, and I said, 'I want a second opinion.' He said, 'Okay, you're ugly too.'" Today's Congress is presiding over a strong economy with very low unemployment, yet the RealClearPolitics political website polling average shows that 73 percent of the public disapproves of Congress, while only 18.2 percent approves.

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August 2018

Labor Day holds a special place on election-year calendars because that is when many voters start to lock in their candidate preferences. However, as everyone in politics learned in 2016, many of the accepted dynamics of previous elections may no longer apply.

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July 2018

It seems like Washington is becoming a tougher place to live and work. Members of the current administration are being driven out of restaurants by protesters and even denied service. Barbs and personal attacks are flying frequently at all levels of power. In the broader range of history, however, it may be comforting to remember that things have been much worse.

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June 2018

As July ends, members of the House are home for recess. Fifty-seven Representatives are not seeking re-election, and are either retiring or seeking a different office. The Senate has delayed its August recess so that it can stay in Washington to work on the confirmation of judges and other matters.

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May 2018

As Congress turns the corner and heads for home... wait a minute! It is not even June and the Congress is nearing the finish line? Yes, indeed. Between now and the November 6 elections, the Congress will be in session only 47 days (leaving 113 days for campaigning). In the Senate, only "must do" bills will get floor time, along with confirmation votes, many of which are for Administration-backed judicial nominations.

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Peter Knight, who joined FHLBank Pittsburgh in 2002, is responsible for directing the Government Relations Department.
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